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Amazon KDP Essentials Kit

Amazon KDP Essentials Kit

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This Amazon KDP Essentials Kit includes everything you need to get started selling low to medium content journals and planners on Amazon KDP. Not only that, but it will help you save time with professionally designed templates and ready-made books for you to add your own special touch and begin selling as your own. Upon purchase, you will receive:

  • 100+ low and medium content Amazon interior pages and templates that you can use to create your unique books to add to Amazon KDP. All templates are 6 x 9 inches in black, white, and grey to make use of Amazon's budget-friendly black and white print option:
    1. Plain notebook and journal interior including ruled, graph, and grid pages (13 templates)
    2. Prompt question layouts (20 templates)
    3. Generic page layouts for introductions, short and long-form information, and more (31 pages)
    4. Dated diary and calendar pages (24 templates)
    5. Finance templates for budget planning, saving, and more (19 templates)
    6. Food templates for recipe journaling and meal planning (15 templates)
  • 3x ready-made 6x9in KDP journal interiors that are ready for rebranding or repurposing and adding to Amazon KDP, with suggestions on how you can make significant changes to each to make the final export more unique (Please note this is interior only and does not include a cover):
    1. Bucket list journal (107 pages)
    2. Meal planner (107 pages)
    3. Budget tracker (131 pages)
  • 8x A+ content templates to add to your Amazon listing, which includes a simple drag-and-drop image template for the open book interior, allowing you to show your customers what’s inside:
    1. 4x 970x300px rectangle templates
    2. 4x 300x300px square templates
  • BONUS: 1x Checklist guide to help you get started with Amazon KDP (x pages).
  • BONUS: 1x ChatGPT prompts to help you create the perfect descriptions for your journals and planners.

The Canva templates in this bundle cannot be resold; only the final exports from the Canva file can be sold. Please note that these are templates and will need editing before publishing on Amazon KDP. 

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